Since moving to the Miami area, I have had the pleasure of meeting this sweet soul with an incredible voice. Inez has something special and I can’t wait to see her go far. The first time I heard this song, it hit something inside of me, I got chills…I cried (it counts even though I’m a softee anyway, haha). The ending is my favorite part. It takes me back to a time where I cant’t recall ever being yet it makes me feel like I’m there…does that makes sense? Hmmm maybe not but it takes me there and when I feel it, it makes perfect sense. I remember seeing them perform for the first time with the full band (before I had only seen Inez and her guitar), I heard the lead guitarist Jayan sing and I could only wish for more. I love that it’s so unexpected from the guy on guitar with his dread locs covering up his face letting us know he’s in the zone. Dear Jayan, sing more, thanks. I’m not going to get into how I’m soooo upset that I missed this Sofar performance seeing as how I’m in the area but I’m working on letting it go, sigh. Since then, I’m grateful to have had the Kazoots experience at The Stage, my tuesday night chill spot. Go check Kazoots out if you ever have the opportunity, you will not regret it. Support your local artists and artists in general :-) Peace, Love & Light


-Passion W.

Brown Ballerina Official Trailer from ChassidyJADE on Vimeo.

Brown Ballerina is a short independent film that tells the story of a young dancer’s trials and triumph of exceeding in the ballet world.
More than a movie, Brown Ballerina is a movement that is dedicated to promote equality and individuality one pliè at a time! To support this movement, you can donate to Brown Ballerina paypal. 100 % of contributions will go towards ballet programs, funding and distribution of this film.



Follow us on social media @brownballerina. For information on sponsorships and local screenings contact us at

Written, Directed, and Produced by Chassidy Jade
[Professional Video Editor]


By now you’ve probably (or not) heard about actress Danielle Watts being approached by police officers about a call they received that her and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas were having sex in their car. There is audio of the incident, and I must say the cop approached them with the upmost respect when asking for ID and informing them why he was there. Danielle Watts refused to ID herself and claimed it was her right to do so. And in a sense she’s right…but not at this moment. The officer had probable cause to do so, and in the state of California where the incident took place the cops can handcuff and detain you if you do not comply. She claims race was the determining factor and she also try to pull the I’m famous bullshit on the cop. The problem I have with this incident is, with all that’s going on in this country in regards to race. This will be the example that closeted racists and Uncle Toms alike will use to point out, that when dealing with “authority” people of color don’t know how to act. Kudos to the officer for keeping his cool. And maybe if Danielle Watts took her head out of her ass, then she’d know that having a white boyfriend and having minor parts in a movie and having a publicist doesn’t mean you’re above the law.


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