The ‘Anger Room’? How do YOU blow off steam?

An ‘Anger Room’, a place where you can’t take out all of your pent up frustrations on inanimate objects by breaking, throwing, bashing and whatever other way you can ruin an object. I guess the idea of it seems fun, maybe even a little therapeutic but all you’re really doing is exerting yourself, and you’re bound to be a little sore afterwards given the impact of hitting hard things and throwing potentially heavy items around. Expending negative energy? Couldn’t you just go for a killer gym/workout session? I’d rather be sore from that…Maybe it’s just me…why not promote calm solutions, like deep breathing, exercise, even a good kick boxing class, take it out on the air! Even writing out your feelings helps, a lot! It’s like you’re releasing it from yourself, and if you’re feeling really angry you can even revert to scribbling on paper, it’s okay if you tear a hole in the paper, you’re angry, we know…

Anywho, I hear meditation is a heck of an aid for things like anger, people should definitely get on that! Free your mind from frustrating binds,  and if you’re really good, I hear you can fly? Hmmm. Well if you want to read more about this anger room, check it out here, ANGER ROOM .

Peace , Blessings, and Tranquility

-Passion Ward

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