Analog Boi & Kenny Pistol – Geometry Review by Ampedsounds

The fruitful sounds of Boom-Bap will fill your speakers with good vibes and soulful intentions as you indulge in Geometry, a collaborative 8 pack of ear bud worthy production brought to you courtesy of Analog Boi and Kenny Pistol (special thanks to @fixiefetish for introducing this piece to us via Twitter). This glossy collection of sample-heavy tunes is as nostalgic as it is current and puts a fresh spin on some of Soul music’s timeless rare gems.

Not too often do you hear a collaborative beat tape congeal the way Geometry does. The production styles of these two beat makers differ greatly, but the collection never loses its continuity. The bulk of the beat tape travels at an even 88 bpm, pumping loads of bass thumping goodness. Kenny Pistol knows how to bring out the best of their melodic samples as displayed on the soothing sounds of “Sovereign”. This horn driven track allows for one to lay back into the groove as the pulsating rhythm wins you over. Analog Boi flips loops in a variety of ways on “Travelin’ Mind”, a quick but effective tidbit of Freestyle fodder for hungry emcees. Other head nodding tracks are “Home Again” and “I Got So(UL) (Much Luv)”.

Geometry is like a mixture of Madlib, Salam Remi sprinkled with a splash of Q-Tip at the height of their respective careers. It’s definitely a collection to grab. The album has a very modest price (it’s free for downloading), and you’d be a fool not to cop it.

Review by Ampedsounds


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