Lucille Ghatti -Aksemiautomatic(Back to the future)

you’ll get less placements
replaced by all new faces
ignore by all your cases
discharged to your safe place
you never know to go oh no

back when you up and comin’
young and needy
tryna figure how to get it
how live
never ever really needed a two sence
but the truth is you did cause
we all did , lost and misguided
tryna survive this
its all in your mind

speeding through life will cause you to miss your exit
if you’re not careful baby x2

You’ll locked out of your safe
if let yourself get complacent
forget you were a saint yeah
ingore all of your pride
denouce all of your faith but
its all in your mind
cause time is just a way of
solving all your problems
fixing all your pain to let you fly
and you will if you let yourself live


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