Maleiva Kem x James Klynn – Cold Path

”Cold Path”, released by the duo Maleiva Kem x James Klynn, members of FH, reveals us the style of this truly creative group. Produced by Kick Coltrane and Spudd Brown, it’s been created thanks to the support of the other members of FH like Jeremy Evans and James Klynn for the artworks. If we are deeply moved by the musical aspect, the agressive drums are surging forward. The guitar is melancolic. The texture give a floating sensation. The combination of all this radiates of personal time axis and ambiance. We could end up with an uncomfortable feeling of gap but if we illustrate it with its meaning, it’s the same sensation felt in the middle of a time axis where the surging forward agressive drum is usually by itself or in an acceleration. And then, the floating sensation and the vocals are like a space where people exists in a slower time axis. The melancolic guitar stands halfway. And the fact is that, the combination of all these delicious introduction parts creates some kind of trance effect or slow motion feeling. And then, all of this brings suddenly to a conclusion to this slow motion or trance state. We can say with confidence that Maleiva Kem’s voice and this loose R&B/SOUL flow (and James Klynn’s rap) support the stimulating development of this inviting to the trance opening, and those pleasant vibrations penetrate us in a shining unique way. –



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