K-os theories on his latest album, Black on Blonde


k-os is a three-time Juno Award winning musician from Whitby, Ont., with one of the music world’s most original voices. His fifth record, Black on Blonde, is a double album incorporating rock and hip hop, but to best understand it’s conception, the Post’s Ben Kaplan ceded his recorder to the musician: this is the method behind the madness, k-os in his own words.

“If you’re a black person in this country, you really have to accept Neil Young as your saviour.”

“You know how when you go to Italy with your wife, say, Tuscany, and you have a great night and a week later she’s pregnant? It’s un-calculated, but it’s a beautiful thing. But now imagine it’s three days later and she’s like, ‘We’re having twins!’ The double album is kind of like that.”

“My parents are cool. They’re snow birds.”

“I know it’s arrogant to claim to claim to be the creator of anything, but when Sam Roberts appeared on my first record, it was probably the first time a hip hop guy got an indie guy to collaborate in the pop world.”

“Maybe it’s Obama’s parents. He’s a black president, but he’s half-black and also, Drake’s Jewish. There’s so much happening — sometimes art isn’t made to be intellectualized.”

“Bruno Mars is interesting, but a lot of what he’s doing I did years ago. He’s very Bruno. But I don’t see very much Mars.”

“Going to the VAG changed my life.”

“Vancouver is like Seattle. If some mogul went to Vancouver and capitalized on every band, it would be a scene, but the people in Vancouver don’t want that. They let things happen and then they move on.”

“I was super jealous when Andre 3000 did Hey Ya! Crabbuckit was written 15 minutes after I saw that video.”

“I don’t think Kanye West is worried about what Winnipeg thinks, so I’m not really worried about L.A. or New York.”

“Musicians are the Neanderthals of the art world. Visual artists are the most couth.”

“Hip hop is my wife. I’m like Sunglasses at Night. I’m like Every Breath You Take. If that means I have to tour with Drake, I’ll do it, because I need to see where hip hop’s at. I spied on her and figured her out. I had to be a voyeur to see how it works.”

“Vancouver is my fortress of solitude.”

“Drake and Justin Bieber are the wide receivers catching the passes and doing the dance in the end zone. I’m the running back. I have to run down the middle, knock some people over and create my own hole.”

“Canada runs music right now. It’s a beautiful thing.”

“I met somebody in Toronto that ended up being someone who lived in L.A. that was an actress and she blew my mind…The thing I learned around her was: Dude, don’t get old.”

“The girl’s gone. This album is an illegitimate child. I’m a single dad.”

Black on Blonde by k-os is out now on Universal Records. His tour begins April 2 in Ottawa. For complete dates, click HERE
National Post


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