K-Os – Does Pitchfork Have a Race Problem?

Why do they do that?

Why did Pitchfork Media take Chief Keef a 17-year-old rapper that has had a history of trouble with the law — and who was placed on probation after a 2011 incident in which he pointed a gun at police officers why did that website choose to take this boy to a gun range for a featured interview? of all the places they could take him why a gun range? I’m sure they have interviewed a plethora of bands in their basements and around their musical instruments or better yet — in the pixie-like shimmery sunny daylight of a central park so i shall ask again… why would they take a troubled black youth to a gun range for a featured interview? what kind of results were they trying to achieve with these actions? do you know? well… I can tell you what DID happen after the rapper actually fired a gun at the gun range during the interview judge Carl Anthony Walker found that Keef exhibited a “willful disregard” of the court in other words, he violated his probation and as a result was jailed in his hometown of Chicago So there you have it… cognitive dissonance to the most disturbing degree I guess, in one sense, someone at Pictchfork thought the music of Chief Keef was good enough to shine light on in another sense they couldn’t resist the stereotypical “street coolness” of :::: taking a troubled black youth who had been known for pointing guns at the police to shoot a gun at a gun range YUP –> GANGSTURR!!
Usually in the state of cognitive dissonance, people may sometimes feel “disequilibrium”
OR — frustration, dread, guilt, anger embarrassment and anxiety but I doubt Pitchfork felt any of these emotions and even if they did…how would we know? they simply took down the segment from their site There is an interesting trend happening within our generation young white 30-somethings feel entitled enough to make an attempt at writing the hip-hop or black culture narrative they feel like since they grew up with hip-hop, that they “understand it” and so…I keep asking why do they do that? assuming they have right to present “rap” to the world as they see fit There has never been a better example of the misuse of this assumed power than this Chief Keef incident strangely enough you hardly find hip-hop or black music websites writing about foxygen or tegan and sara (which maybe they should) As an artist these bold contradictions in cultural ethos exchange really disturb me

I am tired of watching black culture being fed back to black people and the world without so much as a positive or intellectual spin

I think the people behind these types of websites act in weak and racist ways
but they hide their racist actions behind humour or tongue in cheek “indie irony”
this type of irony may actually be more disturbing and cowardly than the behaviour of their forefathers
DJANGO UNCHAINED at least those Colonel Sanders dudes weren’t chicken they just spoke how they really felt through their fear and ignorance this new yuppie form of fear racism and ignorance tho…is way more subversive and dangerous simply because the images being presented to the world constantly frame rap and black people in a very violent and specific way leaving absolutely no room for progressive ideas and positive profiles despite their obsession with Frank Ocean, George Michael Faith So I ask you again… why do they do that? From what I can assess the underlying motive is fear fact is — black music has always changed the pulse and face of pop culture if you can control the perception of black music at its inception (or indie-ness) you can control its effects on the whole world which is A LOT of watch-dog/gatekeeper power for any group of young people to have this extensive emasculating savage scaffolding continues to be built with the precise skill of white privileged architects like the tower of Babel Cody ChestnuTT Take the one of the headliners of this years Pitchfork Festival for instance — Mr. R. Kelley we all know his story and you can bet that Pitchfork knows it as well is there any question that playing towards prison convictions is the new new racist subversive fashionista?
Keep spinnin’ those prison records on “black” vinyl yawL!



I see the message Saul Williams And what can be done? I feel … absolutely nothing however… what i do hope is that if you read this story and then you go on over to Pichfork’s website you will realize that the titles “Frank Ocean and Chris Brown in Fight at L.A. Studio” OR “Rick Ross Was the Target of Drive-By Shooting aren’t just headlines they are deadlines and dread lines…
designed to keep your mind tampered with like some Holy Books
where the f# *k is Jay- Electronicaaaah

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