Our Ancestors Speak!

Hear me speak my strong black warriors, you my children shall never know the depth of your strength until you recognize why you are in the predicament your are in for these past centuries, history cannot repeat itself unless it has willing participants, open your minds and your eyes shall reveal to you the deceptions of man, open your hearts and your ancestors shall reveal to you what you have yet to comprehend, you have been on a long journey into night, the light cannot come forth until you yourselves embrace the true nature of your being, let go of these false teachings that have straddled you, and embrace your legacy, culture, and people, let go of these false images and embrace your true selves, in doing this you awaken your soul within, elevate your spirit, and free your mind, then you will be able to evolve beyond this wretched condition called life, and take your rightful places in humanity …



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