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GCL Movement, exploring any and every avenue of entertainment and event planning. GCL is dedicated to serving the community of South West Florida and is passionate about seeing it grow with quality events. Be that Art and Poetry, new venues and clubs to anything else the community calls for. Founders Jose L. Soto and Marco T. Ospina |M| with help from the Director Of Operations, Brian Keith Franklin JR, have dedicated the last year to organizing the movement and are thrilled to see how far it has come in such a short time.

To find out how GCL can be involved in your next event or to participate in our upcoming events, please visit the contact page and fill out the form.

Each month, GCL hosts an Art & Poetry Networking event. The event showcases the best art & poetry South West Florida has to offer. All mediums of art are represented as well as all forms of poetry and prose. Music, spoken word, prose, paintings, mixed media and crafts are all highlighted during the events. attendees also have a chance to network with other like minded people and expand the reach of the artistic community.
Since its start in Cape coral Florida in April of 2012, the event has grown out of its first location and is now proudly held at the Sydney Berne Davis Art Center.
With over 200 people in attendance, this event is the premier place for art & poetry. Please mark your calendars and join us next month!



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