March for Rights, Respect, & Fair Food.

The March for Rights, Respect, & Fair Food continue, here are some photos by our brother Dana Foht who is out on the field doing instead of on the sideline talking!

“Folks’ feet are bloodied, hella blistered up, and everyone is exhausted with pre-dawn wake-ups and full days of nothing but step after step after step toward the goal.  It’s been exhilarating and inspiring to see the dedication of these folks.  Some of the poorest workers in the nation sacrificing two weeks of work — and their bodies — to take a stand for their own dignity, marching right up to the front steps of the state’s most powerful corporation!

 And Saturday evening will be a time to rejoice in their arrival, already 350 people are confirmed for the concert, with a full bus coming in  from NYC, others from Chicago, etc.  (Though our venue is a hip pentecostal church, so while the environs are sweet  — it’s a former warehouse with a great stage and lighting — we’ll need to respect their space and be mindful of language and such.)
Anyhow, hope all is well out there, and that you’ve been able to follow things from afar via all the great short videos they’ve been putting together and posting to

For more information please visit To see more photos visit Dana Foht



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