Cosmic Compositions – Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol​​.​​2 [Alice Coltrane]

”She was central to the Indocentric/Spiritual jazz of the early ’70s and arguably the first instance of a female instrumentalist assuming a defining role in a jazz subgenre. She spent the majority of her life seeking spiritually in both music and her private life & shared her husband’s [Jazz Legend John Coltrane] instincts in taking great artistic risks to pursue a spiritual quest.” – Jazz Times

The artists who contributed tracks to this compilation

Mieksneak [USA] :
Stainless Steele [USA] :
Wodoo Wolcan [Switzerland] :
Iller – Abstract Giraffe [Sweden]
shak. [Netherlands] :
Melodiesinfonie [Switzerland] :
Roane Namuh :
Christoph El Truento [New Zealand]
Ben Jamin’ [New Zealand] :
Amin Payne [NZ/Australia] :
FloFilz [Germany] :
Matt Miller [New Zealand] :
Nahm-Sayn [Denmark] :
Swallow Fly Low [UK]
Kadugodi [UK] :
Eil Colburn [USA] :
Noyce [UK] :
Oisima [Australia] :
Noo-Bap [Canada] :
Bihan [France] :
IAMNOBODI [Germany] :
Kakapo [New Zealand] :
Dil Withers [USA] :
JayLotus [USA] :


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