Soulection Presents The Sound of Tomorrow @ The Crosby w/ J-Louis & Sasha Marie

The Sound of Tomorrow | Every 2nd Thursday

Sasha Marie

We return this month with the The Sound of Tomorrow this time with our very own J-Louis and Sasha Marie. J-Louis is one of the youngest producers on Soulection who has made a heavy impact on many people worldwide with his ‘Balanced’ EP and recent productions. Many people lost their minds when they found out that Jay created his whole EP off his iPhone last year. The question that arises is if he was able to do that on his iPhone imagine the type of music that he can create now since he has actual new equipment and software!? Game over fam.

Sasha Marie on the other hand has been making noise as a resident DJ along with Andre Power over in San Diego, CA. Her selections by far are one of the finest worldwide! Male or female, it don’t matter, she will out select you musically and have you wanting to check her song ID every other track. We are excited to spotlight our attention on these two to give them their proper credit that they deserve. We hope to see you this Thursday and make sure to bring a friend or two!

Resident DJ’s
Joe Kay
Andre Power

21+ | FREE all night | 10pm-2am

The Crosby
400 N.Broadway
Santa Ana,CA

For more info:



Sasha Marie



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