CIW’s very own Nely Rodriguez graces the pages of the Styles section In Sunday’s New York Times

In Sunday’s New York Times, the CIW’s very own Nely Rodriguez graces the pages of the Styles section due to her and fellow farmworkers’ selection for the Roosevelt Institute’s medal for Freedom from Want.  Her smile pricelessly captures the spirit of celebration in the Big Apple last week, a visit that included a sizable Wendy’s picket and a meeting with the creative team behind Food Chains, a feature-length film, produced by actress Eva Longoria and set to release in early 2014, that prominently profiles the CIW’s supermarket campaign!  (See the CIW site here for more details!)

Please join us THIS Sunday in North Naples for an Ice Cream Social to come together and reflect on our collective success behind the CIW’s bold leadership in transforming Florida’s tomato industry, which has created — in the recent words of President Jimmy Carter — an emerging “model for social responsibility within the agricultural industry.”  At 2:30 PM, in St. Monica’s Episcopal Church (just east of I-75 on 7070 Immokalee Rd.) we will enjoy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, organic, fair-trade coffee courtesy of Wynn’s Market, tea and other treats.  On the occasion of Interfaith Action’s 15-year anniversary this season, we invite attendees to make a gift of $15 (or multiple thereof, if so desired) to help advance our efforts. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, however, so please come!

As part of Sunday’s Ice Cream Social, we will hear from CIW leaders about plans for the coming season as well as an update on recent events in the Campaign, including an astonishingly positive two-week tour through the Southeast U.S. — with stops in 14 cities throughout Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina, the latter a new frontier for Publix, where over a dozen stores are slated to open soon.  To see a write-up and photos from the whirlwind travels through Publix’s market beyond Florida, click here!

Also, this may be your last time to bid farewell to Jordan — after six years in Immokalee, in a few weeks he will be moving back to Texas to be with his family. Sunday will be a wonderful moment to say farewell (but see you soon), and to celebrate his tenure committed the promise of justice in the fields.

Hope to see you this Sunday in celebration of the CIW’s selection for the Roosevelt medal!


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