Warren Xclnce – Nymphophonic LP

The Second LP from London-based producer Warren Xclnce, which is released via MIMM as a free download. Not necessarily a complete and cohesive LP but more of a collection of tracks which best define a disjointed work-in-progress..

• •

The Nymphophonic EP sees Xclnce combine a dusty, laid-back and soulful hip hop aesthetic with modern UK house stylings to powerful effect. Mainly grounding his beats in the lower tempo echelons Xclnce manages to create nostalgic, contemplative but uplifting moods alongside evocative atmospheres and melodic inclinations via his use of found sound, vinyl sampling and vocal manipulation. At the same time he manages to retain a house-y punch, clarity and groove to his rhythm tracks and synthesis work. (MIMM)

The Nymphophonic EP provides a sneak peak at whats to come from Warren Xclnce and MIMM who are both always attempting to explore, unbound by trend or expectation.

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