Art of Migration: Art Exhibit Fundraiser

Freedom Hall was invited to be a part of this amazing event called Art of Migration. It was an art exhibit fundraiser to support the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project and the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

The exhibit featured art/appearances from artists such as:

Cesar Aguilera
Monika Bokelmann
Juan Diaz
Lydia Dick
Mauricio Garay
Adriana O Grajales
Maria James
Jonathan Kane
Nikki Moi
Monique Olslen
Quintin Perez
Miguel Rojas
Mully Tattoo
Rommy Torrico
Cecilia Valdez
Justin Vendetta

Music by DJ Ceron and Freedom Hall

Video by Rommy Torrico
Thank you to the sponsors who were great enough to support the Art of Migration:
Lozanos Lehigh
Haitian Student Organization of FGCU
Tello Jewelers
The Professors at the Department of Visual and Performing arts

Let’s support local events such as these that bring awareness to matters we all need to be addressing and coming together to create solutions for.




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