CIW invited to address United Nations in Geneva

As the Fair Food Program begins its third full season of implementation, the CIW worker-to-worker education team is out in the fields every week educating their fellow workers about their hard-won rights (see photo below, from last week). As these rights continue taking root across Florida, recognition of the Fair Food Program is growing worldwide; the CIW was just invited to speak in Geneva at the United Nations 2013 Forum on Business and Human Rights! Next month, the CIW and the Fair Foods Standards Council will share the Fair Food Program’s success with the 1,000 forum participants from over 85 countries. Check out the full update on the CIW website here.

This week in Sarasota, you have two opportunities to stand with farmworkers in calling on both Publix and Wendy’s to be part of these changes that are garnering recognition from across the world.

On Thursday morning 11/14 at 7:30 am in south Sarasota (41 & Laurel Rd, 1091 Tamiami Trail N, Sarasota, 34275), as a new Publix celebrates its grand opening, Sarasota allies will hold a peaceful picket to call on them to end four years of refusal to even talk with farmworkers about their potential participation in the Fair Food Program.

Then, this Saturday, join the national call for Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program! This coming week, Nov. 10-16, Wendy’s will be holding Founder’s Week, a time in which the company celebrates its commitment to the values of its late founder, Dave Thomas. Meanwhile, Fair Food allies across the country will be holding the National Founder’s Week of Action, calling on Wendy’s to live up the the values it espouses by joining a verifiable solution to farmworker exploitation in its supply chain.

Join the action in Sarasota on Saturday, 11/16 at 3:00 pm at the Wendy’s at 1601 S. Tamiami Trail (across from the hospital)!

Looking forward to a powerful week of action together!




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