Gulf Coast Leisure – ♪♫ Sounds Of Art ♪♫

♪♫ Sounds Of Art ♪♫
-An exhibition of painted melodies to the rhythm of art.

Gulf Coast Leisure proudly invites you to attend Sounds of Art Nov. 15th at the Manna Reading Center located in downtown Ft. Myers. This is a new series of events aiming at showcasing the junction of Art and Music in an intimate and underground setting. Prepare yourself for an evening full of incredible Art and groovy House beats laid down by no other than SW Florida’s own Locomotion!! The event will have two phases. First being the concentration on Art ,7-10. Second being the focus on Music, 10 and on.

This evening is a private Art Exhibition infused with the mesmerizing sounds of House Music. A handful of artists will be featured and will have their artwork displayed throughout the evening. These pieces will be available for purchase directly from the artist. Also we will be featuring Live Art, which consist of artists creating art in the moment! Working not only off the energy and vibes of the crowd but also the music.

Join GCL as we introduce SW Florida to an innovative and modern event concept.

Food and drinks will be made available throughout the evening.

★★★ $10 Suggested Donation ★★★


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