RAMZI ADEK – FUTUR(Dec. 6th Art Basel Miami 2013)

Artist who through their paces in graffiti, ADEK gave birth to a subversive universe embodied by a colorful aesthetic and generous, the crossroads between street and pop art. His nickname (abbreviation of ” Adequate “) and his style were forged on the walls of Paris for several years, during which a spontaneous passion for graffiti cohabiting with activities DJ and music production.

In 2009, ADEK decided to devote himself exclusively to painting. He opted for a practical workshop and work on canvas allowing it to deploy a vast imaginary depth which combines urban pop culture icons and references to modern and contemporary art. Heir of his masters, ADEK opens to the influence of the work of colorist Matisse, the geometric rigor of Vasarely or Kinetics Agam.

Using a mixed technique (aerosol, acrylic and oil painting) ADEK explores aesthetic both attractive, accessible and inhabited, in the tradition of Keith Haring. On a black background arise intensely bright colors animating the characters and messages that populate his paintings. Through a specific process that has developed itself, the color escape in fluorescence that varies with exposure to light, attractive in daylight, more intriguing as the darkness grows, irradiating under fluorescent lighting.
Expert paradox and polysemy, ADEK likes to infuse his paintings one second soul, strange, fascinating. The requirement of this painting technique highlights detergent speech denouncing the false pretenses and facilities. By interfering among the great popular figures ( superheroes, cartoons, Hollywood characters … ) or overused sentences, codes and symbols distilled by ADEK intended to call a witness at first struck by the bright colors and familiar faces, then comes a fun and challenging mystery.

Thwarting the evidence, deconstructing contemporary mythologies, the ADEK work requires attention and taming. Beyond this sharp eye focused on the company appears watermark a meditation on the origins, course and position of an artist whose subject never encroaches on the quest for formal beauty, but relies on it.

Agence WOM / Marina Maupin



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