Beyonce Album Review

I’ve never been a fan of Beyoncé’s work, and have always had a disdain for her as an artist. Reason being is, she is immensely talented vocally and has a strong hold on the mainstream audience that grows as time goes on. But musically she doesn’t really offer anything to me sounds like anything other than…”right now”. She’s had a song or two on every release that I’ve liked. But nothing that really could hold a candle to my two fav songs of hers. (“Me, Myself And I” -2003 and “Work it out” – 2002) Not only was I interested in this project because of it’s secretive release on Friday the 13th (Dec 2013). But also because every album track is accompanied by a video. (No snark but I’ve had that idea since I was like 9 0r 10. MJ put that battery on my back.) I listened to the album and was truly impressed from the start. One thought that came to me was, this is like a Prince album. And what I mean by that is, this is the “Fuck Tape”. And in true Prince fashion she stepped away from the fornicating to talk about other things that are on her mind. It’s very bold to open an album (or a concert) with a ballad. And she did that 2x’s over with the power ballad opener “Pretty Hurts” and it’s painfully poignant lyrics “Mama said, “You’re a pretty girl.What’s in your head, it doesn’t matter. Brush your hair, fix your teeth. What you wear is all that matters.” This is something I can actually keep coming back to. The following track (“Ghost”) is another stand out for me musically and lyrically… “Spoon-fed pluralized eyes to find the beaches in the forest When I’m looking  off the edge, I preach my gut it can’t help but ignore it I’m climbing up  the walls cuz all the shit I hear is boring All the shit I do is boring All these record labels boring I don’t trust these record labels I’m  torn All these people on the planet Working 9 to 5, just to stay  alive” My two fav songs on this album “Blow” & Rocket are CLEARLY for afterhours romps. With this project she’s giving the audience a glimpse inside her mind. Which is why more than likely the project is self titled. I can’t help but feel like this LP is a victory lap of sorts as well, in between several songs/videos there are clips of her as a child in singing competitions. My fav one is in the beginning of “Flawless” where a clip of her then group Girl Time is introduced on Star Search, and at the end of the song it ends with the clip of the group losing and being dismissed by the host Ed McMahon. Where’s Skelton Crew now though? Every song is co-written and co-produced by Beyoncé. I hate to say this term, but this album is highly conceptualized pop art. (LOL!!!) With this release she has me automatically interested in her next project. But I’m more than good with this one for now. I give it a STRONG 4.5 out of 5.



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