Sean Combs’ 2014 Howard University Commencement Speech

I grew up watching and admiring men who looked like me, Sean “Puff Daddy”, “P. Diddy”, “Puff”, “Diddy”, Combs has always been one of those men. His handwork and dedication to his craft is unrivaled in our Hip Hop culture.. I’ve spent many hours listening to Puff preach about dreaming and using an uncanny work ethic by believing in yourself when nobody else does, I’m not going to lie to you guys I’m a naturally lazy and negative thinking brother but studying brothers like Dr. Combs and others(too many names to mention) has transformed my life and way of thinking. Watch as Dr. Combs gives his Commencement Speech at the 2014 Howard University graduation. Salute to Diddy for getting an Honorary Doctorate from a school he only attended for two years! 



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