A Universal Language(Film)

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I received an email from a young Film maker named Tebs Mohlahlana promoting his new Documentary A Universal LanguagePhsicsMedia Films in collaboration with Copenhagen based clothing brand Les Deux present to you a thought-provoking, intriguing, and inspirational short documentary film A Universal Language (AUL). Los Angeles based musicians RxDIO and Maddy McFly (formerly of Sound Fx) are the subjects of an intricate musical story which depicts how music is able to connect all of us. The film can be watched on the Digitaltimeless Youtube channel.

Starring RxDIO & Maddy McFly

Producer Tebogo Mohlahlana

Directed by Jared Soule

shot in Los Angeles

music by RxDIO and Sound Fx

presented by PhsicsMedia Films in collaboration with Les Deux Copenhagen


AUL Press Photo 1

Press Photo 1



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