By now you’ve probably (or not) heard about actress Danielle Watts being approached by police officers about a call they received that her and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas were having sex in their car. There is audio of the incident, and I must say the cop approached them with the upmost respect when asking for ID and informing them why he was there. Danielle Watts refused to ID herself and claimed it was her right to do so. And in a sense she’s right…but not at this moment. The officer had probable cause to do so, and in the state of California where the incident took place the cops can handcuff and detain you if you do not comply. She claims race was the determining factor and she also try to pull the I’m famous bullshit on the cop. The problem I have with this incident is, with all that’s going on in this country in regards to race. This will be the example that closeted racists and Uncle Toms alike will use to point out, that when dealing with “authority” people of color don’t know how to act. Kudos to the officer for keeping his cool. And maybe if Danielle Watts took her head out of her ass, then she’d know that having a white boyfriend and having minor parts in a movie and having a publicist doesn’t mean you’re above the law.



To commemorate the 25th anniversary of their debut album (3 Feet High & Rising) this year, De La is re-releasing their “entire” catalog on line for free. Now the reason I keep putting entire in quotes is because, while they’re claiming it’s their “entire” catalog. Nothing that was released past 2001 is included in the downloads, Like 2004’s “The Grind Date” (a personal fav of mine). Or the 2009 Nike and iTunes exclusive “Are You In?” None the less, if you’d like to brush up on the group’s work, you can do so here The downloads will only be available for 25 hours, they started today @ 11AM and will end tomorrow @ noon. If you want to get in on this you need to hurry because at their website they’re saying it may be hours until the downloads are available for you after you enter your email address. Peace.

♪♫ Sounds Of Art ♪♫
-An exhibition of painted melodies to the rhythm of art.

Gulf Coast Leisure proudly invites you to attend Sounds of Art Nov. 15th at the Manna Reading Center located in downtown Ft. Myers. This is a new series of events aiming at showcasing the junction of Art and Music in an intimate and underground setting. Prepare yourself for an evening full of incredible Art and groovy House beats laid down by no other than SW Florida’s own Locomotion!! The event will have two phases. First being the concentration on Art ,7-10. Second being the focus on Music, 10 and on.

This evening is a private Art Exhibition infused with the mesmerizing sounds of House Music. A handful of artists will be featured and will have their artwork displayed throughout the evening. These pieces will be available for purchase directly from the artist. Also we will be featuring Live Art, which consist of artists creating art in the moment! Working not only off the energy and vibes of the crowd but also the music.

Join GCL as we introduce SW Florida to an innovative and modern event concept.

Food and drinks will be made available throughout the evening.

★★★ $10 Suggested Donation ★★★


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La marque Bazara’pagne organise sa GRANDE BRADERIE DE PRINTEMPS pour que vous veniez shopper les articles phares de la marque.L’occasion pour faire le plein d’accessoires, de snoods légers avant l’arrivée de l’été!
L’événement se déroulera du Samedi 4 au Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à Fontenay sous bois! VENEZ NOMBREUX!!

RER A / RER E : Val de Fontenay
Tout droit en sortant de la gare, continuer jusqu’à la station d’essence BP, puis traverser.

Gulf Coast Leisure proudly invites you to attend our Art & Poetry Networking Event (A&PNE) in downtown Fort Myers on Thursday March 28th at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center! Come bear witness to the evolution of Gulf Coast Leisure and take part in what is going to be the finest Art & Poetry Networking Event to date. Come enjoy an evening of local art, poetry, and much more. Artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work and share it with the local community. Also this is a chance for anyone and everyone to come and meet upcoming artists & poets in the area.

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★Music By DJ Nico Nollege & Freedom Hall★
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Interested in displaying your artistic or poetic talents?
Contact Brian for artist submission: or 239-738-8418
You can also reach us at

Here is a sneak preview of the most anticipated documentary of the year, in my eyes, Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin. I was first introduced to the series of Documentaries by Author Traiq Nasheed in November of 2011 when a friend of my Aunt suggested I watch it. After 0:48 seconds into the movie, I felt like this would be a life changing experience, I watched it 5 times that night. On December 6th and 7th 2012, Hidden Colors 2 will be In theaters nationwide. I’m more excited than ever to go to the movies and waste time spending money on junk, surrounded by loud speakers with the people I Love to be around. Since watching part 1 of this Documentary I have been in study hall(Freedom Hall) I egret every African(America, Black, Jamaican, Haitian, West Indian, Trinidadian, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Native American, Dominican, Cuban, Columbian  WHATEVER you call yourself) to see these series of Films. Please, Peace!