The Difference between America’s “War flag” and “Peace flag”


While most of us get ready to watch the fireworks on this day of “Independence”, we will either see or be wearing the American flag. Something has to be said about the flag we pledge allegiance to. While we all know of the flag pictured above, it has a meaning. It is known as a “Military Flag” or a “War Flag. It’s only to be used during times of war, or when the country is engaged in or is under military rule. Even if all the wars ended and all we had was the occupations left, this flag would still fly. This flag has been used since the Civil War. And has been the only flag that most people in this country has ever seen.



And this one here is known as the “Civil Flag” or the “Peace flag”. It is only to be used during times of peace, or when the country isn’t under any kind of military operations. The last time this flag was used was before the Civil War.  Some have said that the idea of two flags for the United States of America is just a myth. But in fact every country has a “War” flag and a “Peace” flag. Thanks for taking a moment to check out the blog. I’ll let you enjoy the rest of your evening on this day of Independence.




  1. J.N. Garinger said:

    I think it`s TIME, to arrest ALL the FRAUDS in the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice & the “Illegal Alien ” in the White House. Then we need to repeal EVERYTHING , that Barry Soetoro signed & everyone that he appointed !!!

  2. BrotherPatriot said:

    Thank you…you have done some of God’s work here, Dupree Meares.
    People just need to learn the Truth…and NWO will be done.
    This has been started and We, the People,,,will not go back to sleep again.
    There is a Patriotic “Nerve Center” working for the Truth regarding the Oregon equation.
    Hooyah & God Bless.


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